March 2013 Roundtable - Leaders Banquet

posted Feb 4, 2013, 12:05 PM by Mikel Venable

Greetings Cub and Boy Scout Leaders:

The leaders recognition banquet is fast approaching. The banquet will be held in place of roundtable on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 7:00 PM. It will be potluck so please bring your favorite dish to share with everyone. Everyone please make plans to attend. 

Here are links to the leaders recognition awards forms, please complete these forms and turn them in no later than the February 5th Roundtable.... Let me know if you have any questions... You can submit them in person or email me.

Please pay attention to whether they are nomination forms or training forms. In the case of nominations either a district or council committee will meet to award the scout.

If you know of anyone in our district who has received any special commendations this past year please let me know, so we can recognize them at the district banquet. 

Thank You,
Amanda Venable

Long Rifle Award(District Award of Merit):
*David Crockett District Awards:*
*Sandra Clark Award:*
(nominations) Please nominate the person who has given LOTS of time to your unit. This person must work directly with the Scouts, but cannot have a youth presently in the unit. 

*Pathfinder Award:*

Trailblazer Award:

 Training Awards:
Cub Scouts
Cub Scout Den Leader:
Cub Scouter:

Boy Scouts:
Scoutmaster Key:
Boy Scout Leader Award:

Venture Scouts:
Advisor's Key:
Venture Leader Award:

District Committee Key:
District Commissioners Key:
Roundtable Commissioner:
Roundtable Staff:
Unit Commissioner Key:

Other Awards:
Summertime Pack Award:
New Unit Award:
BSA National Outdoor Challenge Application:

The following are National Awards that must be submitted to Council.
These awards are to done by nominations. Please pay attention to
directions as some require statements by SPL or Crew leaders.
Unit Leader Award of Merit:

February 2013 Roundtable

posted Feb 4, 2013, 11:42 AM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Feb 4, 2013, 11:42 AM ]

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, February 5th at 7:00 at First United Methodist Church of Pulaski!

Come meet the new District Roundtable Commissioner, Gordon Slack!
I am sure he has a lot to say and a lot of info for you! He also wants to know what you are looking for at Roundtables!
So come on out and bend his ear a little!

It is also Cub Scout Summer Program Kick-off! Looks like Ray has packets for all the cub Scout Packs!
Did someone say pizza? I believe he has pizza as part of Kick-off! Come get your packet and learn about the exciting summer opportunities for your Cub and Webelos Scouts!

Get your Camp Cards! Get your Camp Cards!
Did you order any camp cards? Come to Round Table to pick those up from Ray!

Do you have a scout in the OA program? Bring them along!
We are planning upcoming events in our lodge and district. Spring camporee ceremonies and OAU!
We need them and their input!

Did someone say leaders' Banquet? That is next month-Don't forget to send your nominations and recognizations to Amanda! you can also turn in at roundtable tomorrow night!

Calling all Venture Crews!
Did you know that the Pulaski Venture Crew meets before Roundtable at 6:30? If you are looking for a way to put some pizazz in your crew or just meet more scouts like you come on out and meet the scouts from Crew 462!

If you have any questions please contact Ray Robertson at 931-292-8311,
if it pertains to the OA or Venture meetings please contact Amanda Venable at 931-638-2178!

June Roundtable and Swim Checks

posted May 21, 2012, 9:38 AM by Mikel Venable   [ updated May 21, 2012, 9:45 AM ]

Summer is already here......
Don't forget the June 5th roundtable will be held at the Pulaski Recreation Center located here

We post the most up to date information on our facebook page 

The roundtable will begin at 7:00 PM and each unit will bring enough food for their unit. We will send out more information on this. 

Swim checks will start at 6:00 PM and the cost to swim will be $3.00 per person. Even if you are not taking the swim test, you can come to swim and have a good time. We have the pool reserved from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 

Why are we doing swim checks? It is part of the BSA Safe Swim Defense

If you plan doing any type of water activities, swimming, canoeing, rafting, etc, you have to be divided into swimming groups so you know everyones ability. This test is required every 12 months. If you have not taken the test at all or are overdue, you are considered a non swimmer. 

This applies to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing. 

What will we have to do for the BSA Swim Test?
Jump feet first into water over the head, level off, and begin swimming.
Swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: side, breast, trudgen, or crawl. Swim 25 yards using an easy, resting backstroke.
The 100 yards must be completed without stops and must include at least one sharp turn.
Rest by floating…Long enough to demonstrate ability to rest when exhausted.
Jump feet first into water over the head, level off, and begin swimming.
Swim 25 feet on the surface.
Stop, turn, and resume swimming back to the starting place.
Did not complete either of the swimming tests.

At this pool for the swimmer, we will jump in the deep end, swim the length of the pool 3 times with the above strokes, on the last length, use the resting backstroke, then a resting float.

Each unit will receive a form with the names of the scouts that have taken the test and what level they are. If you are going to camp, you can turn this in for those scouts swim check. If they have not completed it, they will be required to take one at camp. If your unit would like to have buddy tags for troop events, they can bepurchased here. 

Spring Camporee Patches 
I just checked with Gerald and he said the Spring Camporee patches are on track to be handed out at this Roundtable. 

Everyone have a fun and safe memorial day weekend and we will see you on June the 5th.

Pinewood Derby 2012

posted Mar 2, 2012, 9:36 AM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Mar 13, 2012, 7:57 AM ]

The David Crockett District Pinewood Derby will be held Saturday March the 31st at the David Crockett Elementary School. Check in will begin at 8:30 AM and the cost will be $5.00 per car. 
HERE is a link to rules the district uses. Please make sure everyone on your pack has these rules. They are formatted so you can print them 2 to a sheet to save on some printing. 

I have added the rules to this page so I can point out some specific ones and give some more information -- IN BOLD --

We have used these same rules for YEARS. all of these rules are not to cause hardship on anyone or target anyone at all. They are here so that EVERY scout has the same opportunity to race in the pinewood derby and win. If you do not wish to follow these rules or would like to argue with a race official about them, you do not have to race. 
If you have any specific questions or would like some more information about the rules, please contact me.

Official Pinewood Derby Rules of the David Crockett District

1. Pinewood Derby cars must be constructed from an official BSA Pinewood Derby kit.
This includes the wheels AND axles. No solid axles are allowed.
-- The pinewood derby wheels that come with your kit have a mesh design as pictured HERE-- 

2. Width: Overall width of the car shall not exceed 2 3/4". Wood may be added to the
block to bring the car out to maximum width.
-- THIS type of fender is acceptable as long the overall width does not exceed the 2.75, you are fine. --

3. Length: Overall length of the car shall not exceed 7"

4. Height: Overall height of the car shall not exceed 3 1/8" When placed on a flat
surface the entire bottom of the car must be at least 3/8" from the flat surface.
-- In order for your car to run down the track... "When placed on a flat surface the entire bottom of the car must be at least 3/8" from the flat surface." please see other note in section 5 below -- 

5. Weight: The weight of the car shall not exceed 5 ounces (141.8 grams). No loose
materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car. The car may be hollowed out and
built up to the maximum weight by the addition of wood or metal, provided it is securely
built into or attached to the body. Nothing can extend beyond the bottom of the car. Any
weight placed on the bottom must be flush or below the bottom of the car.
-- Please make a special note "Any weight placed on the bottom must be flush or below the bottom of the car." this means that is you purchase the Derby Flat Weights for your car, they MUST be recessed into the bottom of the car so they are inside the car. --

-- The scales we use at the race are the final say on the weight of your car. Everyone is weighed on the same scales, and if they say you are over weight, you MUST take the weight of the car down to 5 oz. or below to race the car. --

-- The weights must be permanency attached to the car. as in Glue, Screwed on, nailed, or other manner. You may not use items like tape, Velcro, magnet, or other temporary means to attach the weights. --

6. Wheel Base: The maximum wheel base will not exceed 4 1/2". If the axles must be
moved due to problems with the slots cut in the wood block the axles must be within
1/4" of the original slots; i.e if you move the front wheels forward 1/4" the rear wheels
must be moved forward an equal distance.
-- The distance from the center-line of the axles of the car will be 4.5 inches. We do not allow anyone with a extended wheelbase car to race. --

7. Wheel bearings, washers and bushings are prohibited.

8. Axles: Inserts for axle support or covering up the axles are prohibited. Only dry
powdered graphite may be used for lubrication.
-- We are aware that you can purchase an axle guard from the BSA HERE. You WILL BE REQUIRED to remove them to determine if you are using a solid axle on the car. You can put the guard back in place after it passes inspection. If you do not wish to remove the guard, you do not have to race that car. --

9. The car may not ride on any kind of springs

10. Details: Details such as steering wheel, driver, decals, painting, interior detail are
permissible and encouraged as long as these details do not exceed the maximum
length, width, height and weight specifications.

11. Attachments: The car must be freewheeling with no starting devices.

12. Wheels: Although burrs and molding marks may be removed from the wheels, there
will be no cutting or turning down of the wheels to a point or ridge. Wheels must remain
the same width as contained in the official BSA Pinewood Derby kit. Wheels may not
be tapered or rounded and the rib located on the outer edge of the wheel may not be

13. Inspection: Each car must pass inspection by the official district inspection
committee before it may compete. The inspectors have the right to disqualify those cars
that do not meet the specifications outlined above.
-- Each scout will be given the chance to bring his or her car into specification before the race. If you do not wish to bring your car into specification, or would like to argue with the race official, you do not have to race your car. --

14. Once a car has been checked in, no other changes can be made to the car. If the
car breaks during a race, the scout will be allowed to repair the car HIMSELF with the
supervision of a track official.

Notes: The scales and measuring tools used during Race Check-In are the
final say in a car meeting these specifications. The Cub Scout Derby Wheel
Alignment Tool will be used to measure wheel base and car bottom clearance.
If the car does not meet any of these specifications the Scout will be given an
opportunity to meet the specifications. If a piece of a car comes off during a
race the Scout will be given a chance to reattach the piece, however the car
will be weighed again. If the same piece comes off again the Scout will have to
leave the piece off for the rest of the races the car runs in

Spring Camporee 2012

posted Feb 9, 2012, 12:02 PM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Feb 9, 2012, 12:02 PM ]

The spring Camporee is not that far off. It will be held on March the 23rd - 25th at the Mike Eckhart farm in New Prospect MAP
It will be a fun filled weekend of native American activities and camping. HERE is the camporee packet, it has all of the information from activities, schedule, maps, and check in sheet. The facebook event will have the latest, up to date information on Spring Camporee. 

We will be having an Order of the Arrow call out ceremony Saturday night at the campfire. If you are in need of a election, please contact Lule Boruff (931) 478-5900 for a election. What are the requirements for the OA? First Class Scout. 15 nights of camping in the past 2 years. This must include 5 consecutive night at a long term camp like Boxwell Scout Reservation, and want to do more in scouting. Order of the Arrow Website THe OA can also halp in many ways with your troop. From coming to your meeting and teaching scout skills, to helping you plan a successful campout, the OA is there to serve. 

We will also be having a Webelos scout crossover ceremony Saturday night at campfire. This is a BIG event as a Webelos scout. This is where they officially enter into Boy Scouts. 

Come and join us for a weekend of fellowship, fun, and learning. 

Leader Awards

posted Nov 28, 2011, 1:23 PM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Nov 28, 2011, 1:23 PM ]

Just like our scouts, we like to get recognized for our hard work to. There are SEVERAL awards that as a leader you can achieve. Some in the unit position you are in right now, some on a district level, some on the council level. Here are some links to the awards we hand out at the leaders recognition dinner that will be held February the 7th 2012

Long Rifle Award(District Award of Merit):  (nominations)

David Crockett District Awards
Sandra Clark Award 

Pathfinder Award 

Trailblazer Award 

Training Awards

Cub Scouts


Cub Scouter:

Cub Scout Den Leader:

Pack Trainer

Tiger Cub Den Leader Award:

Webelos Leader Award:

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Leader Award:

Scoutmaster Key:

Venture Scouts

Venture Leader Award:


District Committee Key:

District Commissioners Key:

Roundtable Commissioner:


Unit Commissioner Key:

Other Awards

Packs: Summertime Pack Award

Troops: Camping Award

Quality Unit Awards: Please have these turned in at December to

New Unit Award:

The following are National Awards that must be submitted to Council.
These awards are to done by nominations. Please pay attention to
directions as some require statements by SPL or Crew leaders.

Unit Leader Award of Merit:

Winter Camp 2011

posted Sep 9, 2011, 7:56 AM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Sep 9, 2011, 7:57 AM ]

Winter camp is a great camping opportunity for your scouts that is December the 26th through December the 31st. This will be the 10th year of Winter Camp and it has grown every year. Winter Camp offers Merit Badges that are not available at summer camp like horsemanship, railroading, plumbing, all of the citizenship, and many more. There is also a afternoon and evening activities to keep your scouts having fun.

They are caping Winter Camp registration at 700 people this year. You NEED to register as early as possible. Last year we had to turn people away because camp had filled up.

The cost of winter camp BEFORE November the 11th is $95 After the 11th it will be $110.

Merit Badge classes fill up early so please get your scouts in them as soon as you can.

Here are some videos and pictures from the past Winter Camps.



2010 Slideshow

2009 Slideshow

Here is more information.

A Leaders Guide

Online registration

There are camperships available, please fill out one OR the other, but
not both.

Council Form -- Deadline November the 11th

Cox Endowment -- Deadline October the 21st

Come join us for a week of fun. 

It is Popcorn Time 2011

posted Aug 24, 2011, 8:48 AM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Aug 24, 2011, 9:03 AM ]

It is popcorn fundraiser time for the Scouts again..... People look forward to buying the great trails end popcorn and supporting scouting with this event. 
HERE is a link to the 2011 Popcorn Guide Book
You can also order online by going HERE if you do not have a username and password, contact Sherry Rakes at 615-383-9724 ext 228 or  srakes@bsamail or

Did you know that if someone buys popcorn online at and they use your validation code, you will get credit for the sale and it will go toward you units overall sales? This is a GREAT way friends and relatives that do not live close can help support you scout and unit. HERE are the instructions 

Page 3 has the timetable.
August 31 is the Show-N-Sell order due date. Pickup is at Averitt Express in Nashville.

August 31 Order Taking Begins - I am sorry, but I do not have any of the Kickoff Boxes. Joseph will have them at the next roundtable on September 6. Pickup is at Cardin Distributing, 1219 W. College, Pulaski, on Friday, November 11, from 4pm-8pm

If you have any questions please contact our popcorn kernel

Karen White
931-629-3806 cell

Great Sumer

posted Aug 8, 2011, 12:21 PM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Aug 8, 2011, 12:29 PM ]

We had a great summer in the David Crockett District. We had over 125 scouts and leaders attend summer camp this year. We had 2 scouts go through NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) and we had on 1 on staff. We had 3 Attend KODIAK training at Latimer High Adventure Reservation and we had 3 on staff. We had 1 scout work at Boxwell Summer cam on Staff. Not to mention everyone who attended Cub Scout and Webelos resident camp at Cub World. Everyone is headed back to school and the packs are getting cranked back up. Check back here for more information on training and upcoming events. 

New Home

posted Feb 8, 2011, 11:57 AM by Mikel Venable   [ updated Feb 8, 2011, 11:58 AM ]

This is our new home for the David Crockett District. We will try to post as much information as we can here so you can better serve our scouts and scouters.

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